Meet Zogg!



In this beautifully illustrated big storybook, children meet Zogg, an alien who comes from a planet made entirely of other people's discarded rubbish. Through Zogg the characters in this book gain a new appreciation of the planet that they live on and all the creatures that share this truly beautiful place.


“Children love Zogg and the book lends itself naturally to cross curricular planning and transitional teaching and learning.” (Teacher, Cumbria)


Participating schools and early years settings can borrow from our range of five resource boxes to help support using Meet Zogg in the classroom. We have also developed a set of Activity Packs to help with ideas on using the items, games and resources in the five boxes.



Download Meet Zogg Activity Packs! 


Resources for Early Years


Resources for Key Stage 1


CDEC Exploring Book.pdf

Size : 4879.982 Kb

Type : pdf

CDEC KS1 Exploring Book.pdf

Size : 4808.22 Kb

Type : pdf

CDEC Appreciate Book.pdf

Size : 5590.885 Kb

Type : pdf

CDEC KS1 Appreciate Book.pdf

Size : 5782.111 Kb

Type : pdf

CDEC Coop Book.pdf

Size : 5593.124 Kb

Type : pdf

CDEC KS1 Coop Book.pdf

Size : 5728.1 Kb

Type : pdf

CDEC Same Book.pdf

Size : 4757.917 Kb

Type : pdf

CDEC KS1 Same Book 42533.pdf

Size : 5011.43 Kb

Type : pdf

CDEC Fairness Book.pdf

Size : 4464.621 Kb

Type : pdf

CDEC KS1 Fairness Book.pdf

Size : 4628.72 Kb

Type : pdf

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